(Nederland 1964), Goldsmith,jewellery designer.

There are emotional and memorable moments in life which guide you to capture expressions in a piece of jewellery or objects in precious metal.

Throughout the years Froukje Idsardi has been creating contemporary jewellery and silverware made from precious metal and gemstones. There is a dialogue between the customer and Froukje Idsardi to create special one of a kind pieces as well as offering a bespoke service.

The use of traditional and modern goldsmiting techniques in combinationwith her own signature make Froukje Idsardi’s jewellery recognisible.
Froukje was trained inthe Vakschool Schoonhoven and Guldsmede Hoiskolen Copenhagen. Since 1991 she has been running her workshop gallery in the historical city of Delft. Besides Froukje’s own business she is a jewellery design teacher at both VAK and TU Delft.

Openings hours in August of the workshop gallery.

Froukje Idsardi workshop gallery will be open on Fridays and Saterdays 7 &8 and 28&29 of August from 11am. till 5pm. and by appointment.
Any question you might have or you want to make an appointment , please send us an e-mail or give us a call .

It is also possible to make an online order and we send the jewellery by parcel delivery service.

Froukje Idsardi


Masterly The Hague '19 pictures / The Pan Amsterdam'19
Eenden aan een plas van Johannes Spruyt
servet ring en vaasje met open rietkraag. Zilver
Rietkraag zilveren schaal groot model
Rietkraag zilveren schaal middel volledig ajour
Rietkraag zilveren schaal middel  zweem ajour
rietkraag zilveren schaal klein bol volledig ajour
Schreeuwende eenden  geel goud koraal
Schreeuwende eenden wit en geel goud opaal
Schreeuwende eenden wit en geel goud opaal
Schreeuwende eenden  geel goud opaal

An alluring and extensive collection of unique jewellery.
Gold, silver, precious stones, pearls. Timeless purity, exquisitely made.

rings,gold,diamonds, saphire
alliance ring, whitegold, diamonds
bangle silver wave
bracelet silver oxidized heartshape
bracelet silver tulip shape
Zandeweer brooch leaf shape gold silver
brooch leaf shape silver
Haagsch love cake slice silver
cufflinks gold silver leafshape
cufflinks meteorite silver
earrings gold  , lapis lazuli,carneole
earrings gold  onyx, lemon quartz, lapis lazuli,chalcedony
earrings, gold, silver, rivermoonstones
earrings rose gold green diamonds
earrings, silver
icefloe weddingrings ,whitegold,red gold ruby
necklace, gold, freshwaterpearls
wireleaves gold ,oxidized silver
heartshape earrings, gold
Gift, silver ,wood
necklace,Japanese coral,gold
leaf rings, gold, silver, garnet
medallion leaf shape gold silver
napkin ring silver leaveshape
necklace clasp, gold, silver, smokeyquartz
necklace gold heartshape clasp ,coral
necklace gold,  coral ,manderingarnet
necklace gold silver
necklace peridoot gold nutshape clasp
necklace aquamarine rosegold
pendant leafshape silver freshwaterpearls gold
pendant carneole gold silver
pendant wireknot gold diamond and ruby
pendant freshwater pearl, diamond, gold
pendant silver
pendant ,gold, emerald ,pearls ,diamonds
silver,wood en different materials
ring aquamarine,gold ,silver
ring gold powder ruby
Hijken ring gold silver garnet
ring double, silver gold rutile quartz .
ring rose gold leaves
oval ring gold silver
Hoeken ring,oxidized silver gold
ring gold diamonds
ring redgold tubing, carneole,diamonds
Zeerijp ring, gold,silver
V&G ring gold, fresh water pearl
Ring rosegold rosequartz
leave shape ring, gold silver diamond
ring, oxidized silver tubes, red gold, diamond
Akkrum double ring gold
rings ,gold, diamonds
solitair ring, white gold,yellow gold,diamond
ring gold saphire
rings, whitegold, ruby
Akkrum nature silver
ring gold diamond
weddingring adjustment, gold, tourmaline
ring tree barkpattern, rivermoonstone gold
icefloe weddingrings ,whitegold,red gold
wedding rings gold diamonds
V&G ring  gold freshwater pearl
Froukje Idsardi
Bespoke jewellery and commissions

Bespoke jewellery and commissioned work.
In mutual agreement it translates the customers wishes to an meaningful and personal jewel or gift made with care and precious metal. You can bring your personal memories from the past to the next generation.


The attractive workshopgallery is part of the
over 200 years old complex of the formerly
Bousquet Soap Factory, situated in the historical city centre of Delft.

Workshopgallery Idsardi Design
Voorstraat 90
2611 JT Delft

+31 15 214 22 18


open: Friday & Saturday from 11 am – 5 pm
and on appointment.

*Want to be updated? Mail to info@idsardi.nl
and we will put you on our mailing list.

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photography Jaap Oldenkamp
text Froukje Idsardi

© all jewellery, photos & texts are subject to copyright. People interested in publishing or using any image or text should contact Froukje Idsardi beforehand.

Workshop and Quality

With my team we have been creating contemporary jewellery since 1991. We are working with classical materials such as gold, silver, platinum and precious metals. There is true dialogue between the customer and myself as we together create special one of a kind pieces. We also offer a bespoke service for my customers. Our shop is open Thursday to Saturday 11am until 5pm. Visitors are welcome to browse the jewellery collections on display. Every other day we concentrate on your golden memories and we are open on appointments.

The customer is getting the best quality. A piece of Idsardi jewellery has a recognisible signature design. Each piece of jewellery has its own hallmarking alongside with the Dutch Hallmark. We use fair trade gold and silver.

Een verleidelijke, veelomvattende collectie unieke sieraden. Goud, zilver, edelstenen, parels. Tijdloze eenvoud, prachtig gemaakt. Als ervaren goudsmid houdt ze de klassieke materialen in ere: goud, zilver, parels, edelstenen. Als ontwerper past ze deze toe op een heel eigen en eigentijdse manier, overstijgt het idee van het traditionele goudsmeden. Haar ontwerpen ontstaan vanuit het werken met het materiaal. Klare lijnen, 1 sterke vorm eindeloos geperfectioneerd. Fascinerende variaties op het thema.